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Create with us a place that brings together millions of gamers, regardless of their preferences or skill level. Compete in the best traditional and web3 games thanks to our infrastructure that connects these two worlds together. Play for fun and money!

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Versus is a place of competition for players, in which $VS tokens are at stake. Each player is able to choose their game from many titles and modes. The platform ensures security and fair distribution of winnings, which increases the comfort and pleasure of the game. Versus connects traditional and web3 gaming in one space and allows gamers to play in a decentralized environment.

The Versus system consists of three types of competition. Each has different rules. It is up to the players whether they prefer longer games in which they can show their skills and win a bigger prize, or whether they only want to play one match.

Until now, GameFi was described by simple words "play-to-earn". Versus wants to change it and promote a new paradigm - “play-and-earn”. It is crucial for us to reward users at the same time when they have fun by playing their favorite games. We spread the idea of blockchain adoption in the spirit of enjoyment, not an annoying duty.

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First concept of the project
Core team foundation
Market research
Establishing long term plan
Expanding team
Versus brand creation
Designing product
Company registration
Official website
Social media launch
Community building
First partnerships
Versus promo video
Creating a development team
Platform design development
Start platform development
Application proof of concept
Versus PoC app demo video
Seed phase
zkSync integration
Seed phase
Networking and increasing visibility
MVP version release
Beta tests of the platform
Revealing new partnerships
Private sale
Smart contract audits
Expanding the team
Further platform development
Web3 games partnerships
Public sale
CEX and DEX listings
Versus platform launch
Expanding marketing in both crypto and gaming industry
Collaboration with gamers and esports teams
CEX and DEX listings
Versus special events and tournaments
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Token Utility

Our token is the centre of the platform ecosystem. The $VS token allows players to participate in tournaments, leagues and single matches created using the platform. It can also be used as a means of payment outside the platform, with the nature of the token being dedicated to companies and individuals involved in the gaming industry.

Users can also allocate them for staking. It will reward them with numerous benefits in the future:

  • reducing fees,
  • participating in the decision-making process,
  • contents, airdrops and many more.
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