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Create with us a place that brings together millions of gamers, regardless of their preferences or skill level. Compete in the best traditional and web3 games thanks to our infrastructure that connects these two worlds together. Play for fun and money!

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PlatformKey features

Versus is a decentralized PvP gaming platform that enables skill-based on-chain wagering, allowing players to compete in AAA games and beyond.

The mission is to create a platform that brings together millions of esports enthusiasts, regardless of their gaming preferences or skill levels. Versus provides a diverse range of gaming experiences, allowing users to create and participate in various game types. To start competing for stake and recognition, simply select a game from the list, pay the entry fee, and begin playing.
The rule is simple — the winner takes the prize.

  • Comprehensive Infrastructure: Unlike many competitors who solely concentrate on platform development, we're taking a broader approach. We're not only building a platform but also establishing our own game hosting capabilities and facilitating seamless integration via APIs. This comprehensive infrastructure ensures a smoother transition and greater adaptability for users moving from traditional gaming platforms to our ecosystem.
  • Automated Systems: Automation is our priority to eliminate manual result input, a common source of conflict and inefficiency in similar projects. Our automated systems significantly reduce the need for constant support, enhancing user experience by ensuring accurate results and minimizing conflicts. By streamlining processes and providing real-time updates, our automated systems empower users to engage seamlessly with our platform.
  • Quality of Games: We are committed to hosting only high-quality and user-friendly games. Our platform will feature popular and well-respected titles like CS2, DOTA2, and Trackmania upon the release of the application, ensuring we attract and retain a dedicated user base. This focus on quality sets us apart from competitors who may offer a larger quantity of games but of inferior quality.
  • User-Friendly Features for Non-Crypto Players: Recognizing the barrier that crypto can represent to new users, we plan to implement user-friendly features like account abstraction and built-in swaps. These features make it easy for non-crypto players to join and use our platform, thus broadening our market reach and enhancing accessibility.

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First concept of the project
Core team foundation
Market research
Social media launch
Designing the product
Versus promo video
Official website
Expanding the team
Establishing a long-term plan
Community building
Platform design development
Start platform development
Application proof of concept
Preparing strategy for platform and company development
Networking and increasing visibility
zkSync integration
Seed round
Further platform development
Expanding the development team
Revealing partnerships
Beta version release
Launch of official beta tests
Private round
Start of marketing campaign
Smart contract audits
Next games announcements
Web3 games partnerships
Public sale
Token listing
Versus platform release
Expanding marketing in both crypto and gaming industry
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Token Utility

Our token is central to the platform's ecosystem. It enables players to participate in tournaments, leagues, and single matches created through the platform. Additionally, the token can function as a means of payment outside the platform, specifically targeting companies and individuals within the gaming industry. Staking Versus tokens provides users with a range of benefits and advantages. These measures aim to ensure that loyal Versus token holders feel recognized and rewarded for their long-term participation and trust in the platform.

Staking Versus tokens provides access to numerous benefits, examples of which are detailed below:

  • Reduced fees: The platform operates with a variable fee system ranging from 5% to 15% of the prize pool. The larger the prize pool, the smaller the percentage fee that will be collected. However, players have the opportunity to further reduce this fee through the staking of Versus tokens.
  • Participation in the decision-making process: Staking does not only offer the benefit of reduced fees on Versus, but it also provides users with the opportunity to participate in additional voting processes designated for a more exclusive group of stakeholders. This allows for greater decision-making capacity and influence over the development of the platform.
  • Access to exclusive contests, airdrops and many more: here are also special contests, airdrops, and additional opportunities for those staking the Versus token. Depending on the staking tier a user reaches, access to increasingly rare events or items will be granted.
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